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Bayshore RV park

2941 Kindred Avenue
Tokeland, WA 98590

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Welcome to Bayshore RV Park
Tokeland, Washington

Bayshore is nestled along the shore, a bay within a bay. Tides come and go filling and emptying twice a day.

A perfect place to chill, relax and enjoy the quiet. Excellent viewpoints from the berms built up at the beachfront sites for witnessing nature.

The tide comes in and fills the bay going up the channels, and returns warm ready for kids to play as the tide goes out, a sun-heated natural pool.

Have a fire, enjoy the sunset, sleep like a baby. Rest and renewal.


Come play at our special bay


Bakshore RV Park ©J.Garbellotto

our offerings

35 full waterfront or tree RV hookup sites

4 dry camping sites

Loft apartment that accomodates 4 adults and children

Studio apartment


Regulation shuffleboard, cornhole & other game, group firepit, firepits at most sites, outdoor smoking area, broadband internet access, library, private beach, spectacular sunsets,  banquet room, clubhouse/yoga studio, convenient laundry room

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Come enjoy the beauty and relaxation

Whether you are RVing or staying in one of the lodgings, we are ready to welcome you


We are located on the heart of Tokeland, Washington State

2941 Kindred Avenue